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Areca Leaf Sheaths are carefully collected and sorted. The Sheaths are cleaned and processed without using any chemicals, resins and dyes. These sheaths are pressed and cut to shape in heat press machine. Finally   the trimming process gives finish to the products. These are packed after thorough quality inspection.
Stiff Areca nut tree sheaths are softened in water and cleaned which then go through machines, each holding a specified dye. Heat is used in these machines to bring these sheaths into required shapes. Then the plates/ trays are left to cool & packed in bags. No chemicals are used at any process stage.  
It has Multi-purpose use in parties, hotels, fast  food  restaurants, picnics, buffets and during travel  etc.,  it can also be used for display purpose. The product had been originally developed by the CFTRI (Central Food Technologies Research Institute) Government of India Organization, Mysore, India.
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Leaf/Sheaths plates, trays which are natural biodegradable, organic eco-friendly & also economical. Products made using Areca nut tree sheaths have good dimensional stability. 
Constituents of the leaf sheaths
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